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East Pier

East Pier Restaurant

East Pier Restaurant was opened in 1994 right on the water’s edge in Napier Ahuriri and focused on contemporary food. Paul was hired has the opening head chef and over saw all kitchen functions for 2 years. The restaurant continued to grow and exceed everyone's expectations. During this two year period the restaurant was a huge success mainly due to Paul's dedication and focus on introducing contemporary food at East Pier and into the Hawkes bay. The restaurant was expanded twice during this two year period so they could cater to the increased demand for patrons to dine at East Pier. The restaurant still stands today. 


Council Bar Cafe

Paul was the opening chef at council bar cafe and was employed so he could consult to the new owners on food style, menu planning, staff requirements, and sourcing of fresh local products. Paul introduced a unique flair to contemporary food into the region. The Cafe won the hearts of the locals and still operates successfully today.

Powder Horn Chateau

 Paul was recommended to the owners and he was spear headed by the owners of Powder Horn Chateau to work with them on growing their food business. They were searching for a certain contemporary style to match with their new fine dining restaurant and their new chic five star accommodation.