The Event Source - 2003 - 2005

The Event Source first provided a rapid response supplying accommodation and catering requirements for the security forces required at the Salt

Lake City winter Olympics. 

In 2003 The Event Source secured multiple contracts in Iraq providing full scale catering services to the US Defense Force. The contracts included construction and operations of  seven dining facilities located in Baghdad, Mosul and Najaf.  The contracts called for the establishment and operation of full scale dining facilities providing 2,500,000 meals per month, within 21 days.

 Site Manager:

Paul oversaw the construction and daily operations of a dining facility in Najaf city, catering to the US military during the notorious Najaf war. This facility encompassed all camp, catering and life-support requirements as well as all customer service, contracts compliance, daily operations and HR functions.

Catering Manager: 

Paul was responsible for daily compliance, troubleshooting and improvements of 3 sub-contractors to The Event Service overseeing the daily operations for US military dining facilities in Northern Iraq, Mosul city, and 4 surrounding districts.  

Catering Manager:

Paul was responsible for all catering functions at the Baghdad, Bob Hope food dining facility the largest US military dining facility at the time catering to 10,000 soldiers per day producing over 30,000 meals per day.